School Administrator’s Sharpie Filled Black Student Hair Design –


A Texas school administrator has been suspended from his post at Berry Miller Junior High at Pearland, after forcing a black student to color a shaved picture in his head with a permanent marker.

Speak New York Daily News, “The boy’s hairstyle had the letter ‘M’ on the left side of his head, which is a violation of the neighborhood dress code.” The school’s deputy principal told the boy at school the next day that ‘he had three options: “warn his mother, face disciplinary action, or cover him with a marker”.

A detail of the incident was written by the boy’s mother, Angela Washington, on Facebook. Washington says she was never informed of the action taken against her son.

“On Wednesday at school, Berry Miller Jr High’s assistant principal at Pearland ISD told him he didn’t have the dress code with his designs and decided to color my baby with a PERMANENT MARKER!” she wrote. She added accompanying photos, one from the day of the incident and two more photos from the next day. She notes that the black marker coloring is still in her head.

“The district said the administrator” had mismanaged “the case and the actions” did not align with appropriate action for dress code violations, “” he added. Daily News keep on going. “The deputy director, who has not been appointed, has been placed on administrative leave.”


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