Hair essentials to let your hair down this summer


A lot can be said about women who rely on hair ties as if their lives depend on it. He tells you that here is a girl who wants to keep her locks out. She will likely follow a very busy schedule that begins with intense training in the morning. There are back-to-back meetings throughout the day, leaving little to no time for a cuff touch-up. The girl in the perpetual ponytail may have obsessive-compulsive tendencies. She will prefer to keep things elegant and clean, in the wardrobe, the living space and the hairstyles.

The sudden change in the way we lead our lives has also given us the opportunity to try new things. Once upon a time without COVID, I was the girl who lived in her ponytail. I wore it high and tight for Pilates or the spin class. Wear it low and parted in the middle for business meetings, lunches and dinners. The few times I liked the way they fell over my shoulders, I wore a half ponytail on the weekends or for the occasional night on the town.

While the joys of wearing the no-frills pony are abundant, there is a refreshing feeling of freedom and relaxation when letting your hair down. For someone who has lived their entire life with hair ties, this is nothing short of a life transition. We can even assimilate it to this universal slide towards the new normal. The reasons for adopting a new style and new hair care routine also have a lot to do with the change in lifestyle and the arsenal of products available. Here is a list of essentials that have forever changed my mind about ponytails.

It would be a shame to attach strands that smell of the gentle summer breeze. SUN BUM3-in-1 No-Rinse Detox and Conditioner Immediately took me to pristine shores even staying indoors during lockdown. They smell like coconut oil, bananas, and all the tropical and delicious things. It was good vibes in my shower. Detox Shampoo is formulated with apple cider vinegar, blue agave and cocoa to detoxify, nourish and protect strands. Ideal to use twice a week, this fragrant essential cleanses hair deeply and gently so you never want to hide a bad hair day again. I love following a detox wash with a spritz of Leave In 3-in-1 Conditioner, which helps untangle strands. This formula, rich in banana pulp, quinoa protein and sunflower seed oil, also helps protect colored hair from UVA / UVB rays.

When the strands smell and smell like satin flowers, you just let them go. People who appreciate the value of a good scent will immediately understand why an aromatic hair mist is just as essential as an eau de parfum to complement any look and set the tone for your day. FRANCIS KURKDJIAN HOUSE‘S Perfume Wardrobe, made up of the house’s signature scents, played a vital role in giving me a sense of normalcy during pandemic containment. The scents of the set were worn in rotation, depending on the mood. This little act of spraying on a diaper transported the senses to idyllic places despite the lockdown. It was only recently, however, that I discovered the joys of wrapping my mane in Oud Satin Mood Perfumed Mist from MAISON KURKDJIAN. A light scent of violets, Bulgarian and Turkish roses, amber vanilla and Laos oudwood, this scent mist is an ideal garnish for your entire fragrance set. A few spritzes, especially on sunny summer days, bring elegance and irreverence, especially for satin-blown hair.

The right tools are all you need to let down great hair. I have always believed that perfect locks can only be created by those who have dexterity and skill in styling. It was until I got my first one RAINCRY flat brush with natural bristles. Made from boar bristles and natural wood, this conditioning brush distributes natural oils to strands to nourish hair. Using natural bristles helps with color retention and shine. Air cushions stimulate blood circulation while gently massaging the scalp. RAINCRY is a brand founded by hairstylist Feisal Qureshi after a long search for the perfect styling brush. Years of research, experience and product development have made the brand a leader in the professional hairdressing world.

Personalized hair care routines deserve more than a ponytail or a bun. The common perception is that if it’s personalized, it must cost an arm and a leg. BEAUTY FUNCTION, makes personalized hair care accessible to everyone with a fully integrated system that gives customers access to formulations designed specifically for their concerns. The brand’s goal is well defined: to challenge the status quo of your basic shampoo and conditioner to deliver individualized results. The team explains: “There are 8 billion heads on the planet. Call us crazy, but we think it takes more than a couple of formulas to appeal to all of these unique individuals. That’s where we come in. Function of Beauty does it with an archive of perhaps over 54,000 billion formulations, all free of sulfates, phthalates, mineral oils and gluten. “We only use ingredients that we use ourselves with confidence, which is why you will never find toxins or potentially harmful ingredients in our formulas,” the team adds. You will also enjoy taking their online quiz, which will help you determine your unique wording. The added bonus: you can personalize your bottles with your favorite name and color.

Soft, bouncy and textured beach hair is to be highlighted and let go, even when staying at home. My lifelong bane has been loose hair, which left the bun or ponytail as the only other option. KENRA PROFESSIONAL Sugar Beach collection is a sweet and sweet solution for hair that looks lifeless. Infused with Hawaiian cane sugar, this shampoo and conditioner duo creates texture while keeping strands hydrated and bouncy. Unlike most salt based texturizers, this formulation creates an airy and light feel. This is an ideal two-step system for wearing easy side-swept waves. As part of the brand’s commitment to stay sustainable, this Sugar Beach collection is packaged using recycled materials from high-risk areas or 100% Ocean Bound Plastic.

The frizz should be released. During the lockdown, sales of hair masks soared as many of us discovered personal care as a way to improve well-being. Concrete example : COCO AND EVE’s Like A Virgin Hair Mask, which sold during quarantine and saw a phenomenal 200% increase in sales. The five-in-one treatment uses raw virgin coconut to soften, strengthen, repair and add shine to strands. This miracle ingredient also works wonders for promoting a healthier scalp. Fig and shea butter act as a detangling agent that does not weigh down the hair. Linseed Argan Oil treats split ends and tames frizz, transforming hair into radiant shine.


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