16 car accessories you can’t miss on a road trip


Road Trip Essentials: Road trips are always fun, especially when you plan them with your family or friends. Driving with people close to you will always be more fun and at the same time it is necessary to have road trip essentials that make the trip more enjoyable and hassle free. From electronics to automotive appliances to pet products, here are some of the must-have products you should buy before you travel.

Travel bag, hand sanitizer, car phone holder, tire inflator, pet car seat cover, etc. car accessories that you need to make travel safe and better. Discover the best essentials for road trips, especially for long road trips.

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Absolute road trip essentials

If you are planning a road trip with your family, get acquainted with these must-have road trip essentials that are quite necessary, especially for long road trips.

Nebelr Car Air Purifier Ionizer

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Pollution being at its peak, you have to take care of your family. This car air purifier protects you from dust particles when you are on the road. It is an excellent choice that kills 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses.

If some of your family members or friends suffer from allergies, coughs, sneezes and colds, this is an ideal purchase option for your road trip. Car Air Purifier Price: Rs 4,999.

AutoFurnish Premium 3D Seat Car Organizer

car seat organizer

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This car seat organizer helps you organize many things like tissue boxes, cup holders and related items on your back seat. It has been made from premium PU leather and 3D construction and comes with multiple compartments with a separate iPad.

It has 2 pockets for your mobile, 2 for water bottles, and has dimensions of 10x10x20 cm. This is one of the best long-travel essentials you should buy. Car Organizer Price: Rs 1,214.

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Bergmann Typhoon car tire inflator

tire inflator

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Imagine you are on the road and your car tire is flat, tire inflators are one of the essential car parts that help to inflate the tire where you want. This Bergmann tire inflator is made of metal body and can distribute heat better and have much less noise and vibration.

This metal air compressor is more sturdy and you are a real partner on the go. Bergmann Car Tire Inflator Price: Rs 2,119.

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amiciAuto Tubeless Tire Puncture Kit

puncture kit

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Suppose you are between a road trip and the tire is punctured, which is why it is necessary to have a puncture kit. This tire puncture kit is made with premium quality that serves a long service life.

It is quite affordable and a must-have product for long road trips. amiciAuto Puncture Kit Price: Rs 591.

Grin Health Headrest Neck Pillow

neck pillow

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Long road trips put a little strain on your neck and having a neck pillow will definitely help you keep going on long trips. This Grin Neck Rest Cushion stabilizes the contact surface and provides excellent cushioning and comfort.

The outer cover is made of a soft, sweat-wicking fabric that feels soft and luxurious. Grin neck pillow Price: Rs 1,738.

Fluffy’s Waterproof Hatch Dog Back Seat Cover

pet seat cover

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This dog seat cover is a must-have product if you are planning a road trip with your pet. Since it’s always about littering and falling dog/cat hair in the car. This dog car seat cover comes in black color and can easily fit your back seat.

It is also easy to clean using a vacuum cleaner or even a garden hose. Dog car seat price: Rs 1,619.

MI Power Bank 3i 20000mAh Lithium Polymer

power bank

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Everyone carries a smartphone and it is necessary to keep it charged while you are on the road. When you travel with your family or a friend for a long road trip, this Mi power bank is a must-have product.

It is known for its ultra-high capacity and it is known for its high-speed charging and reliable performance and comes in a compact size and is one of the best power banks. Mi Powerbank Price: Rs 1,799.

DIGITEK® Mini Tripod with Mobile Stand

mobile stand

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Road trips are always fun and taking selfies is one of them. This Digitek mini tripod is an excellent choice. It is compatible with most smartphones, GoPros, DSLRs and compact cameras.

This mobile stand is definitely a product you should buy before you go on a trip. Digitek mobile stand price: Rs 399.

RNG EKO Car Handheld Vacuum Cleaner


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Car travel is changing for many toddlers, eating in the car is getting a bit messy and that’s why this handheld vacuum from RNG EKO gives the option of cleaning the vehicle from the inside. This involves good hygiene throughout the trip.

It is a quiet vacuum cleaner and one of the best car vacuum cleaners. RNG EKO Vacuum Cleaner Price: Rs 1,698.

Coleman Tour Cooler

car cooler

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During the summers a cooler is very necessary especially when you are on the road and this Coleman excursion cooler is perfect and holds 22 cans at a time. It is available with a sleek outer casing.

This cooler features ThermoOZONE insulation which is CFC and HFC free, and one of the best companions while you’re on the go. Coleman cooler price: Rs 2,719.

Voroly roof cargo bag

roof bag

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If you are traveling with your family, you need a roof bag to keep your luggage safe and properly. This Voroly roof cargo bag is a great purchase option. It is made with premium waterproof material and it comes with a zipper and a hook and flap to keep your stuff dry.

It is available with 1 inch wide polypropylene webbing and it is one of the best roof bags especially for travelling. Voroly roof bag price: Rs 3,958.

Cabeau Microfiber Travel Blanket and Compact Case

car cover

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This blanket from Cabeau is great to go with especially when you are traveling during winters. This complimentary travel blanket is sewn with premium microfiber and polyester and comes in a rectangular shape.

You can machine wash it and it comes with a durable handle ensuring superior comfort while on the go. Cabeau travel blanket price: Rs 1,700.

500ml Hand Sanitizer Lifebuoy

hydroalcoholic gel

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It is necessary to have hand sanitizer because COVID-19 is still not over and it also protects you from other germs and bacteria while on the go. This Lifebuoy hand sanitizer is a perfect travel partner to keep germs away from you. Lifebuoy sanitizer price: Rs 239.

AmazonBasics 4 Gauge Jumper Cable

connection cable

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Especially in winter, the battery drains and this tangle-free jumper cable is a must-have product for long journeys. It is insulated with a zippered copper cable carrying case for easy handling. AmazonBasics copper patch cable price: Rs 1,589.

FABTEC 36 LED Light Bar LED Fog Lights for Cars

mist light

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This Fabetc fog light for cars is an all-weather condition and it is a must-have product if you plan your trip in winter or rainy season, especially for night view.

It has a powerful light beam to see the road ahead more clearly during fog. Fabtec Car Fog Lights Price: Rs 624.

GNEY Premium Heavy Duty Car Tow Cable Strap Rope

tow rope

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A sturdy car tow rope is also necessary when you go on a trip, especially if you plan to drive through mountains or a hilly area. The blue PVC pipe attached to the surface of the steel wire effectively protects against scratches, and it is a durable cable strap rope. GNEY Tow Rope Strap Price: Rs 798.

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